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Welcome to the F.A.Q. page of OpenMu Online
Here you will find all frequently asked questions.

How can i be Blade Master/Grand Master/High Elf/Lord Emperror/Duel master?
- You need level 400 and 2rd quest.
- After this you need to go in website "3th Quest" Module.

How much is the max stats?
- The maximum stats here are 65000.

Why did my HP/Mana become so low? I had over 60k before ?!
- It's a visual bug.
- You actually got 64k HP + the amount of HP you see on the bar.
- You can also party someone and press P to see your real HP.
- For the Mana Its the same like the HP.
- You actually got 64 000 mana plus the amount of Mana you see on the bar.
- If you try to remove your items, with the "Mana option" maybe you will see 64k.

About the SMS systems:
- So much players are asking us this question:
Can you make SMS system for my country ?
- No, we can't do this, because this do not depends from us
- It depends from and
- They have SMS services only for the countries, which you can see.
- When they open a new service we will activate it.

Where are my items?
- If your items are gone, please contact us.
- If your items are from the Web Shop, you will get your credits back.

The pro players PK me. Can you make something?
- The strong players are in the first server (PVP).
- If you don't want to be killed, you can enter in server 2.
- Server 2 is NON - PVP and nobody will kill you there.

I have some duplicated items in my inventory/vault. What should i do?
- Please use the function "Clear inventory" in WebSite.
- You will find this functions right in site.
- The administrators of OpenMu cannot help you fixing this. You need to fix it alone.
- Please read the instructions how to use this options. You will find the instructions under the option.
- Don't forget to move your needed items, because your inventory/vault will be fully cleared.

I have some lags, when there are much players around me.
- Is there a way to fix this?
- No, you cant your computer maybe is very slow.

I see someone attack or use skills in towns, is it allowed?
- No, its not allowed.
- Please send us picture and character name of the player.
- He will be banned for 7 days.

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