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 [News]New sets in OpenMu
 By -luzbel-

Dear OpenMu Lovers..
Have a good new for all players :)
We have added new ancient sets for all clases:

You can find more information about set's in our FORUM. Buy from HERE
From OpenMu Community

 [News]New things in OpenMu
 By Bupyc

We've added a new way for getting credits,
it consist in join in Devil Square and get point, each million points can be exchanged for 50 credits.

Also we've added a new section, where you can see who's online at the moment

There's a new jewel called Box Of GM droped in
Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and some more events
you can exchange it for 25 credits in WebShop Jewel Seller .

From OpenMu Community

 [News] Facebook
 By Bupyc
To enter in our FaceBook page just click the image.

You can find OpenMu even in FaceBook!!

 [News] OpenMu Info
 By Bupyc

2 SubServers:
#1= PVP
#2 = Non-PVP
Server: OpenMu
Server is From: Bulgaria
Version: Season III Episode I
Experience: 99999999x
Drops: MAXXX

Bless Bug: On
Reset Lvl: 400
Max Level: 400
Reset Zen: 1 mil
Reset Points: Keep STATS!
Points Per Level: 20/30
Box+1,2,3,4,5 In Shop Lorencia !
Wings 1,2,3 Level in Shop !
All Jewels in shop

Maximum Stats: 65000
Max Resets: 999
Clear Inventory: No
Clear Skills: No
Clear Stats: No

- Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!
- Grand Reset Feature - Exchange resets for WebShop Credits.
- 24/7 Online Dedicated Server hosted in Bulgaria, Sofia.

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